Wellbeing Podcasts

Challenging systemic racism at work

While society in general is becoming a little more aware of racism in general, it’s still an issue that affects many—and isn’t spoken about enough. Racism will only be beaten if we all make a commitment to adjust our fundamental culture.

Listen to CIPD’s podcast on how organisations can erase racism from the workplace below.

Managing the wellbeing of remote workers

Before coronavirus struck, mental-ill health was the number one cause of long-term sickness absence among UK workers. Lockdown restrictions have only made this worse. How can managers better respond to the needs of remote workers?

Listen to CIPD’s podcast on managing people’s mental and physical health below.

Neurodiversity: a vital aspect of workplace inclusion

Everyone’s brain works differently. Autism, dyslexia, dyscalculia and dyspraxia are alternative thinking styles—and this neurodiversity is an important part of the modern workplace. Neurodiverse people are a huge part of the talent pool.

Listen to the CIPD’s podcast on the importance of a neurodiverse workplace—and how best to use those talents—below.